An enlightening experience.

Due to technical issues, we have not been receiving email notifications for school bookings. However, we have been sending email replies. Please check all your folders.

Please send me an email to confirm the date of your booking at

Due to extremely high demand, we have no available dates until Jan 2024. For individual or family visits, please request a Saturday slot by sending us a message. These are not bookable on our calendar.

 Mosque Open Day – Sunday 14th April 2024 (10am start time)

Mosque Visits

Providing an insight into the significance of a Mosque in Islam. Tailored to your group’s needs to complement your area of work/study from the workplace requirements/National Curriculum at any Key Stage.

Training events and Workshops

An interactive presentation to discuss your chosen topic delivered by an Imam or one of the members of the Mosque Visits Team.

School Assemblies

We can deliver assemblies or a Q&A session introducing Islam or match a specific area of the National Curriculum.

Mosque Visits

“It was fascinating to learn so much about Islam.”

Masjid-E-Noor would be delighted to welcome you, your school or your organisation to have a tour of the mosque and receive an insight into Islam and what it means to live as a Muslim in Britain. We also offer visits to members of the general public or any local community groups who wish to gain a better understanding of Islam and its practices.

Visitors will be met by one of our local Imams or a member of our Mosque Visits team who will go over the basic principles of Islam and key features of a mosque. Our team can also tailor their talks to complement your area of work or study from the National Curriculum at any Key Stage.