Guidance Notes

We kindly request all applicants/visitors to read all the information and guidelines provided below, before booking a mosque visit.

Visiting the mosque

The Mosque runs guided tours and training events for private and public sector organisations including schools, colleges, universities, community groups and other local organisations covering Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Wiltshire. Previous visitors have found such visits to be very educational and helpful. The Mosque constantly strives to build, maintain and strengthen its relationship with the whole community by welcoming public and private sector organisations that wish to visit it.


Visits to the mosque will consist of all or some of the following depending on the nature of visit:

  • Multi-media presentation about the Islamic faith or a particular subject.
  • A guided tour of the mosque building accompanied by a faith guide.
  • Q&A and/or discussion session.
  • Activities for school children (Trying on clothes and doing the washing ritual)

Training events, assemblies and workshop topics:

Arabic Calligraphy and Islamic Art


Islam and Radicalism

Eid, Ramadan and Hajj  

5 Pillars 

History of Islam in Britain

Health and Wellbeing          

Islamic Finance       

Services provided in the community (Prayers, weddings, funerals, children’s classes etc).


All visitors are requested to:

  • Respect the peace and prayer of worshippers inside the mosque.
  • Keep food and drinks out of the mosque, except areas that have been designated as eating areas.
  • Keep the mosque’s building clean by disposing of litter properly and safely.
  • Abide by the general rules of the mosque as displayed around the building.
  • No running or shouting in the mosque.



Preferred visiting times are between 9:30am and 11:00am, Monday to Wednesdays.

Special visits at other times can be arranged on request and are subject to availability. Accordingly, and depending on the circumstances of the visit, separate hosting arrangements may be made for larger parties or more formal visits.



  • Short, non-educational visits (30 minutes or less) – no charge
  • Standard, educational visits (1 hour and 30 minutes) – £1.50 per person. For groups smaller than 25 visitors, there is a minimum charge of £37.50   

Visits by members of our team to your establishment for training events, workshops and assemblies will be charged separately depending on distance of travel and length of event.


Arrival/Session Times

Adult groups = 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Year 1 – 2 = 1 hour

Year 3 – 6 = 1 hour and 15 minutes

Year 7 and above = 1 hour and 30 minutes

If the above times are not suitable, please advise us when booking a visit, under ‘Special arrangements or requirements’. We will try our best to cater for your needs.


Attire & Dress Code

Visitors to the mosque are requested to wear modest clothing. We kindly request that shoulders are covered and skirts/dresses for female visitors are at least knee length.

For school children, standard school uniform is perfectly acceptable.



Visitors must remove footwear upon entering through the Main Entrance and place footwear on the shoe racks. Cleanliness is seen as an essential part of the worshiping experience for Muslims. We also advise clean socks are worn by all visitors.



We kindly request all visitors to arrive on the appointed time. We understand that there may be delays to unforeseen circumstances and for this reason we request the person in charge to notify the mosque as soon as possible on the following number 01452 416830 or mobile (only used during school visiting sessions) or by email; replying to your booking confirmation.

Regretfully if there is a late arrival, then the full tour experience of the mosque visit may not be achieved as the volunteers may need to return to work or other commitments which they have rescheduled for your visit.



If there is no notification given to the mosque regarding a delay and 20 minutes from the appointed time has exceeded, then the visit may have to be cancelled depending on volunteer’s other commitments.

The mosque reserves the right to cancel or rearrange any visit due to unannounced mosque or religious commitments.


Safeguarding and safety

We want all of our visitors to enjoy their experience at the mosque and be in a tranquil setting. The safeguarding/safety of all visitors is very important and for this reason all visits must be booked directly through the website. We expect supervision to be conducted by the school staff/volunteers when bringing young children to visit. The mosque volunteers will only be on hand to run the visit.


School visit information

  • All teachers/individuals directly working with the visiting school must wear school ID badges which are visible at all times.
  • Volunteers/parents who are not directly connected to the school must wear volunteer/parent badges at all times.
  • The lead adult will be asked to sign in upon arrival.


Parking and drop off/pick up points

On-site parking is available for cars and minibuses.

Coaches can stop directly outside the mosque via Upton Street although we request schools to confirm with the coach company where the drop off and pick up points are.

Mosque Address: 44/47 Ryecroft Street Gloucester GL1 4LY